Last frontiers Majestic McKinley RA – “McKinley”



“McKinley” came to live with us at the same time as Denali he was just under 3 years old, he was born 3/22/2004. He was afraid of Ron when we first brought him home and that lasted for about 8 months, the day we got him AKC papers in the mail it was like a switch was thrown and now they are best buddies. McKinley has taken Rally classes and has earned his Rally Novice and Advanced titles. He has fun in the ring and his tail goes the whole time he is in the ring, but he makes me work hard to get and keep his attention. He has been known to leave the ring to go see Ron. He believes that he belongs in our bed every night and is very persistent pacing around the bed when we make him stay down.


McKinley joined Bailey at the Rainbow Bridge 7 hours after her death due to a battle with cancer that he just could not fight  any more.  3/22/04 - 1/4/13